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Cynicism is the Name of the Game in Jerusalem

By Maayan Raveh*   The Jerusalem Municipality and the State of Israel recently took action against the Churches in the capital. In response, the Churches closed the holiest place to …

Why Was the Church of the Holy Sepulcher Closed?

What is the background to the crisis in the relations between Israel and the heads of the Churches in Jerusalem? Dr. Amnon Ramon, Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research[1] On Sunday, …

Chaplaincy, the Holy Land and Multi-Narrative Tours

By Lorne Anderson   I thought I had a comprehensive handle on interfaith relationships. I had established the Interfaith Project with the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy center at James Cook University, worked …

Healing Hatred panel with Lapsley
2nd Annual Conference of the International Association for Spiritual Care: Healing Hatred

The 2nd international conference of the International Association of Spiritual Care was hosted by the Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue together with its partners in the Healing Hatred program, …

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