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Educating for Change

About the program

The “Educating for Change” program offers teachers a training course in conducting conflict-related discussions, giving teachers practical tools for managing and facilitating discussions in the classroom, while providing space and time for individual and group development of the teaching staff. The program was developed in cooperation with the Center for Civic Education in the Ministry of Education, the Jerusalem Education Administration and the Jerusalem Foundation.


The Program


In the absence of legitimacy for their feelings of fear, anger and frustration, extreme and racist positions can become established among children and youth, which may lead to violent actions. Many teachers find themselves helpless in the face of these situations. The recognition of discussion and dialogue as central tools for dealing with their emotions and for the open and honest exchange of opinion enables the creation of a safe space for conversation among students, which encourages them to examine their views and formulate their attitudes consciously and intelligently.

The program deals with the social, political and ethical issues that make up the daily reality of a multi-faceted Israeli society. The preoccupation with these issues is an essential part of the process of shaping identity and crystallizing the students’ worldviews, especially in adolescence.

Duration of the program: 30 hours of school training in a modular structure built according to the needs of the school.

Selected schools will receive a follow-up program for the second and third years, which includes mentoring, embedding the approach within the school. 

What does the program offer?

  • Practical tools for conducting discussions on conflictual and ethical issues that raise strong  feelings and heated debate in the intra-class discourse.
  • Developing group facilitation skills as part of the individual and group process that the program participants undergo.
  • Modular lesson plans with up-to-date learning materials, diverse methods and access to a database and digital content.
  • Creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and support in the staff room.
  • Infrastructure that enables sharing of difficulties encountered by the teachers.

*** The “Educating for Change” program is accredited by the Ministry of Education and includes a performance assignment.

Program Staff

Cami Mizrahi, Program Director

Tamer Khalfo, Program Coordinator 

Rasha Abdeen, Program Administrator 

Target Audience

Schools that are interested in promoting social, cultural and ethical discourse as part of their educational approach, and to create spaces that enable students to deal with issues of identity and belonging; issues that engage young people at this stage in their lives, as they prepare to begin their adult life as active citizens involved in society.

More than 1,500 teachers from middle and high schools as well as teacher-training colleges have completed the course to date!

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