Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue

The Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue is an interreligious organization based in Jerusalem which promotes an inclusive society for all religious, ethnic and national groups. Through education, encounter, research and consulting, the Rossing Center promotes better relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land.


Partnership is Power – Campaign 

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Our Goals

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Create and deepen relationships across religious and national lines despite differences and disagreement

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Contribute to understanding and appreciation of the other’s religious/cultural/national narrative, traditions, beliefs and practices

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Combat prejudices and negative stereotypes

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Our Programs

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Dialogue and Identity

Spurs curiosity, knowledge, intercultural communication and relationship-building among Israel’s Jewish, Christian and Muslim school children.

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Open House

A grassroots, interfaith, and intercultural hub building shared society in Ramle by the city’s residents from its diverse Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities.

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Teaching the past and present of Christian communities in the Holy Land to Israeli teachers, tour guides, pre-and post-national service youth and IDF educators.

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Brings groups – interreligious or interested in interreligious issues – to Israel and exposes them to an ‘across the spectrum’ educational experience of religious and political narratives and perspectives.

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Educating for Change

Builds educators’ skills in facilitating conflict-related discussions among high school students, encouraging their respect for difference and diversity, and their role as enablers of an inclusive society

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Meeting Place

Promoting a more inclusive campus for students Jewish, Christian and Muslim – Israelis and Palestinians – through joint study and dialogue groups.

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Healing Hatred

An innovative model for interreligious dialogue based on the tools of spiritual counselling.

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Know Your Neighbor

A reliable, simple and coherent database for explorers of the Holy Land’s three Abrahamic faiths.

Rossing Center Events and Updates

Today there are many forces working to make the place where we live less democratic, less inclusive and accepting, who believe in a world based on hatred, separation and ethnic, national and religious discrimination. We say no. No to the prevailing cycle of hatred and fear, no to prejudice and discrimination. Instead we say yes. Yes to mutual respect and shared society. Yes to creating the desire and the capacity to live together. Yes to a future of equality and inclusion. We need you because partnership is power!


As a parent who raised three children in Jerusalem, I insisted that they engage in some type of interreligious or Israeli-Palestinian dialogue initiative before they graduated from High School. Had I not placed such a condition, my children would have had no contact with the ‘other’ before starting their adult lives.

July 2022

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The Rossing Center in 2021

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Schools and Colleges
Hours of Activities

5 Pillars of Islam

The 5 Pillars of the faith are the core foundations of Muslim life, which were recorded in the hadith of Jibril (Gabriel). Muslims believe that following these pillars is essential for living their lives by the Prophet Muhammad’s example. The 5 Pillars are as follows:

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