The Rossing Center works to improve relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land, and to create a more inclusive society for all religious, ethnic and national groups while building the foundations for peacemaking.

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How can you make a difference?

Healing Hatred

An innovative model for interreligious dialogue that enables participants to understand the core spiritual and moral dilemmas that are at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Open House in Ramle

A grassroots, interfaith, and intercultural hub created, implemented and sustained by residents of the mixed city of Ramle

Educating for Change

Is offered to schools interested in promoting social, cultural and ethical discourse, helping them create spaces where students can address issues relating to identity and acquire tools for active citizenship in a shared society


Promotes knowledge and understanding of Christianity, of the history of Christian communities in the Holy Land, and of Jewish-Christian relations

Foundations for Partnership

A Jewish-Arab school-twinning program that directly involves school principals, teachers and pupils, and benefits some 800 -1200 Jewish, Christian and Muslim children every year

Meeting Place

Bring together Muslim, Christian and Jewish university students in theme-based text study and discussion to create a more inclusive campus