Women Sotries Ramle

Stories Beyond the Arches: Women’s Voices from Ramle

We were very excited to open the exhibition “Stories Beyond the Arches: Women’s Voices from Ramle” last week, to mark International Women’s Day. On this festive evening, over 100 people celebrated together, women and men, Israeli-Jews and Palestinians, young and elderly from different communities in the city – gathered side-by-side in the Open House. The exhibition is the result of a group process in which 11 women – Arab and Jewish students in Ramle met together in the Open House under the auspices of the Rossing Center. Together, the young women documented the stories of older women from the city of Ramle. Voices that are often neglected or ignored. It was amazing to see how the diverse stories demonstrated the wide-range of identities, narratives and beauty. The Rossing Center was honoured to have the mayor and four council members of Ramle, as well as other active members of the community. The booklet will be available at the Open and House and the Rossing Center’s offices in Jerusalem.

The booklet of Stories Beyond the Arches (click to read):

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