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Our programs

The Rossing Center has 7 programs that operate in different contexts and engage with various segments of society. Approximately 10,000 individuals participate in our activities on an annual basis. To date, we have collaborated with over 120 religious, interfaith, intercultural, educational and public bodies. Scroll down to read more!

Spurs curiosity, knowledge, intercultural communication and relationship-building among Israel’s Jewish, Christian and Muslim schoolchildren.

Builds educators’ skills in facilitating conflict-related discussions among high school students, encouraging their respect for difference and diversity,  and their role as enablers of  an inclusive society

A grassroots, interfaith, and intercultural hub building shared society in Ramle by the city’s residents from its diverse Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities. 

Promoting a more inclusive campus for students Jewish, Christian and Muslim – Israelis and Palestinians – through joint study and dialogue groups. 

Teaching the past and present of Christian communities in the Holy Land to Israeli teachers, tour guides, pre-and post-national service youth and IDF educators.

An innovative model for interreligious dialogue based on the tools of spiritual counselling

Brings groups – interreligious or interested in interreligious issues – to Israel and exposes them to an ‘across the spectrum’ educational experience of religious and political narratives and perspectives.

A reliable, simple and coherent database for explorers of the Holy Land’s three Abrahamic faiths.