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The Influence of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on Interreligious Dialogue Around the World

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems to be a ‘hot potato’ in many interreligious initiatives outside of the Holy Land. The topic can be completely ignored or mishandled due to the sensitivities around it; the potato is either thrown out of the initiative or it burns the hands of the participants. Either way, it can have major consequences on peoples’ commitment to interreligious dialogue in such cases. How then should initiatives deal with the conflict? How does the Israeli-Palestinian conflict influence interreligious relations and dialogue in different parts of the world? What are some of the challenges in addressing the conflict in interreligious initiatives? Do interreligious initiatives around the world have the experience, knowledge and skills to facilitate such conversations? To watch the discussion click here.


  • Ethan Felson, Executive Director of A Wider Bridge
  • Dr. Jane Clements MBE, Founder of the Forum for Discussion of Israel and Palestine
  • Alina Jabbari, Theologian, Community Builder and Interfaith Activist
  • Ophir Yarden, Director of the ADAShA Program at the Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue.
  • John Munayer, Project Coordinator at the Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue.

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