The Rossing Newsletter – April 2020

If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it is that we are all equally human and vulnerable. Let us learn from this lesson to not only tackle this virus together as human beings, regardless of our background, but also tackle the dangers of stereotyping, hatred and dehumanisation that are equally contagious and destructive.         

As we celebrate Passover, Easter and Ramadan during these difficult times, let us make the effort to connect and restore relationships across boundaries, and to renew our commitment to creating a better future for us all.    

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Children sitting next to each other
The Rossing Report September 2021

At the beginning of the school year, both parents and children are eager to find out who their homeroom teacher will be, particularly in grade school. This year, one appointment reached the national news……

Webinar Invitation
Interreligious Dialogue and Racism

Join our conversation on interreligious dialogue and racism with some of the leading scholars and figures in the interreligious world!

Webinar Invitation
Women in Inter-religious Dialogue

Join our conversation about women in inter-religious dialogue. We will discuss the unique perspective and values they bring to the field as well as the challenges they face.

Invitation to Webinar
The Influence of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on Interreligious Dialogue Around the World

Don’t miss this informing discussion on the influence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on interreligious dialogue around the world.

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