About Rossing Center

About Rossing Center

About Rossing Center

The Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue is an interreligious organization based in Jerusalem, which promotes an inclusive society for all religious, ethnic and national groups. Through education, encounter, research and advocacy, we foster better relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land. We believe that understanding, respect, justice and equality will enable us all to live in peace.

Our programs

  • Contribute to understanding and appreciation of the other’s religious/cultural/national narrative, traditions, beliefs and practices;
  • Combat prejudices and negative stereotypes;
  • Create and deepen relationships across religious lines despite differences and disagreement.

To reach wider circles of society, the Rossing Center strives to network with other organizations and institutions, to

  • Enhance awareness of the significance of interreligious and intercultural relations to peacebuilding in the Holy Land;
  • Ensure the welfare of religious minorities in the Holy Land.

To read our annual report please pess on the links bellow:

2019 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

To date, we have collaborated on specific issues or programs with over 120 Jewish, Christian, interfaith, intercultural, educational and public bodies. Over 4,000 individuals are directly involved in our activities each year.

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