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Partnership is Power – Fundraising Campaign

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Today there are many forces working to make the place where we live less democratic, less inclusive and accepting, who believe in a world based on hatred, separation and ethnic, national and religious discrimination.

We say no.

No to the prevailing cycle of hatred and fear, no to prejudice and discrimination.

Instead we say yes.

Yes to mutual respect and shared society. Yes to creating the desire and the capacity to live together. Yes to a future of equality and inclusion.

We need you because partnership is power!

We at the Rossing Center need you to bring about change, to bring about a society that we are want to live in. To reduce ignorance and increase tolerance and acceptance. To create a true partnership between the different groups that make up Israeli and Palestinian societies. To educate young people to work for the creation of a truly shared society that values each and every member.

The Rossing Center reaches over 10,000 Jews and Arabs every year. With your contribution, you can help us reach even more and prove that change is possible! Help us make an impact, because partnership is power!

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