The Christian Communities of Jerusalem – What Has Changed? 


jerusalem institute for policy research, Radak St 20, Jerusalem.

Current Situation and Future Prospects | Annual Symposium in Memory of Daniel Rosing, Founding Director of The Rossig Center for Education and Dialogue

In the fast changing reality of the last few years, the Christian communities in Jerusalem have faced both old and new challenges – the changing political climate on both sides of the conflict, the return of Christian pilgrimage and tourism, property management and real estate issues, relationships between religious leaders and local communities, the relationship with the state, and economic challenges after the Covid-19 crisis.

In this conference, we will discuss the recent events that have affected and continue to affect the churches and Christian communities in Jerusalem: the ordination of the first female pastor in Jerusalem and the status of Palestinian women in the church; The impact of the death and funeral of the journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on Palestinian Christian society, burning real estate issues, Israeli policy toward the churches in the past, present, and more.

The conference will be opened by the venerable Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Pierbattista Pizzaballa, who will share with us how the churches deal with the complex reality in Jerusalem, including inter-religious tensions, violence against church members and property damage (recently, the Protestant cemetery on Mount Zion was desecrated).).


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The 2022 annual report

2022 was an exciting year!
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Stories Beyond the Arches: Women’s Voices from Ramle

We are excited to invite you to the opening of the exhibition “Stories Beyond the Arches: Women’s Voices from Ramle”, which will be held on 15.3 at 18:00 in a mark of International Women’s Day which is celebrated a week before. The exhibition is the result of the work of the Open House volunteers, in collaboration with Keshet 360 Ramla Youth Center.

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The Christian Communities of Jerusalem – What Has Changed? 

Current Situation and Future Prospects | Annual Symposium in Memory of Daniel Rosing, Founding Director of The Rossig Center for Education and Dialogue

Fundraising campaign
Partnership is Power – Fundraising Campaign

Today there are many forces working to make the place where we live less democratic, less inclusive and accepting, who believe in a world based on hatred, separation and ethnic, national and religious discrimination.

We say no.

No to the prevailing cycle of hatred and fear, no to prejudice and discrimination.

Instead we say yes.

Yes to mutual respect and shared society. Yes to creating the desire and the capacity to live together. Yes to a future of equality and inclusion.

We need you because partnership is power!

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From Separation to Inclusion – The Rossing Report July 2022

As a parent who raised three children in Jerusalem, I insisted that they engage in some type of interreligious or Israeli-Palestinian dialogue initiative before they graduated from High School. Had I not placed such a condition, my children would have had no contact with the ‘other’ before starting their adult lives.

Webinar invitation
Challenges in Peacebuilding after May 2021

How have the events of May 2021 affected peacebuilding efforts? How has the field coped with those challenges? What can we learn from these events to work more strategically and more successfully? Are there new opportunities which have arisen?

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