Exploring Islamic Approaches to Environmental Care

Exploring Religion & Environment Series

Join us for a series of lunchtime conversations this Fall and Winter focused on exploring religion and the environment. We will be joined by experts, theologians, activists, and thinkers for deep dives into different religious traditions. By blending informative education with ground-breaking discourse, we hope that wherever you are on your own journey exploring faith and our changing world, you will find value in this foray.

Session 3: Islam

In this month’s conversation, we are exploring the Islamic tradition. Imam Christopher Caras will share the Islamic theology for environmental responsibility, as well as specific injunctions from Islamic Law. He will briefly touch on how Muslims throughout history have worked with, and not against, their natural surroundings. Sevim Kalyoncu will talk about the work of Green Muslims and how in that role she helps American Muslims connect with nature and recognize it as a book of God as well as understand the role of humans as khalifa, or stewards of the earth. The conversation will be moderated by Dr. Melinda Krokus a professor of comparative religion and a student in the Ansari Qadiri Rifai Sufi Order.

INFO: https://paipl.us/event/exploring-islamic-approaches-to-environmental-care/

  • Date : 23 Nov 2023
  • Time : 12:00 - 13:00 (Europe/London)

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