One of the foundations of the Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue from the day of it’s establishment is to Contribute to understanding and appreciation of the other’s religious/cultural/national narrative, traditions, beliefs and practices, while combatting prejudices and negative stereotypes. Whilst the internet is full of information regarding the different religions, little reliable information about Christianity and the Christian and Muslim communities of the Holy Land is available in Hebrew, and little reliable information about Judaism is available in Arabic.

This need made the Know Your Neighbor project come to life: a reliable, simple and coherent database for those who are interested in the religious communities that live in the Holy Land. You may find here trilingual* information on Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The materials were written and gathered by the Rossing Center’s staff, and after strict editing – are now published for the general public, as well as a resource for teachers and other educators. Here you will find information about communities, holidays, holy sites and religious practices of the different religious group living in the Holy Land.

If you have any thoughts of the presented materials, or wish to donate content to the project, please contact us at


*The project was recently launched, so not all of the materials are yet available in all 3 languages.